ST. CLOUD -- If you're thinking about giving a pet as a gift this holiday season, animal activists are giving you the green light.

A recent study by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shows that about 86 percent of people keep animals they receive as gifts.

The survey looked at those who received their animal as a present. About 96 percent of them said that the fact they received their pet as a gift had no impact on their love or attachment.

Vicky Davis is the executive director for Tri-County Humane Society. She says she is in full support of animal gift giving.

Davis says if you're thinking about giving an animal as a gift you should take some precautions.

She suggests you only give animals to people who have expressed an interest in having a pet and have the ability to care for one.

Critics say pet adoption should be a decision made by the entire family and discourages pets as presents. Davis says pet adoption has increased over the holiday season.