ST. CLOUD - It's a big week for St. Cloud State University as new students pile into their dorm rooms on Thursday.

It's also unique in that SCSU has added two extra days for orientation and freshmen welcome activities. In prior years, students didn't move in until Saturday.

Adam Klepetar is Interim Assistant Provost at SCSU and says they extended move-in weekend after hearing feedback from previous new students in surveys.

"The top answer we got on this open ended survey was: I'd like to have a longer orientation process as I transition into the University. We also realized that our orientation program was much more condensed compared to other colleges in the MNSCU system. "

Klepetar says the extended move-in/orientation should also be more convenient for the city.

"The city also really saw this as an advantage to do the actual move in, in terms of the way traffic flows, on a weekday compared to a Saturday. It just ended up feeling like a win-win."

Over 600 volunteers and staff are expected to take part in helping the thousands of students move in. The extra two days will give students more time for academic orientation.

"What we're doing on Friday is really making it an academic orientation day. That's something we haven't had the opportunity to do as fully as we would have liked to do," Klepetar says.

Students will also have more chances to meet other people on campus. Some new events planned for students include a late night movie showing of "Furious 7" at Husky Stadium and a pancake feed at Halenbeck Hall on Friday. There will be a Miller Center Library Lawn Party Saturday afternoon and activities at Lake George on Sunday afternoon.

The University will likely continue doing a four day orientation/move-in for new students in the future. For a complete listing of events, click here.