ST. CLOUD -- A new store specializing in everything disc golf-related has opened in St. Cloud.

Disc Golf Today, located on University Drive near 9th Avenue, has everything needed to get started in the sport -- from discs and baskets to advice and tips from a local expert.

The store is owned and operated by Ken Wiggins and his wife, Barb, who previously owned Midtown Coffee and Disc Golf Shop.

"We moved [to the new location] just a few weeks ago," Wiggins says. "So we're both [St. Cloud's] oldest disc golf pro shop and the newest."

Wiggins has been playing disc golf for over 40 years and says he has seen the sport take off in popularity in recent years.

"It was 1993 when it really started growing," Wiggins says. "In 2000, we started to see more women and more families playing, so it's not just college kids."

Wiggins says there are more disc golf courses within 30 minutes of the St. Cloud area than anywhere else he's seen and encourages anybody interested to give the sport a shot.

"Most people -- once the start playing -- get hooked," Wiggins says. "It's pretty addicting."

Ken and Barb Wiggins, owners of Disc Golf Today. Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON