SARTELL - St. Cloud area residents who need a place to take mom or dad during the day will have a new option starting next week. 'Arise Cares' is opening their new senior day program in Sartell on Monday.

The service will provide a noon meal and snacks, health monitoring, exercise, and field trips.

Arise CEO Jay Vachal says this is the first stand-alone senior adult day program in the St. Cloud metro area, but it's not a new concept.

It's part of the trend of the baby boomers aging. But, it's also the trend of h ow do we make the best use of the caregivers that we have available. We expect to response in this community to be really really good.

Arise Cares is licensed to serve up to 24 clients. Vachal says services like this are a response to an aging population.

What we're trying to do here is have kind of a site-based program where people can come and take advantage of not just socialization and activities, but also some of the care that we can provide.  Ordinarily with home care you've got  a 1-to-1 caregiver to client ratio. In a facility like this you've got one caregiver to four clients. So it just makes better use of the good caregivers we have on staff.

They'll be open from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, but they say the hours can be adjusted based on client needs.

Vachal started Arise Home Health Care 15 years ago. He changed the name earlier this year to reflect this new care option.

Arise Cares is leasing the former 'Opportunity Matters' building at 1908 Krutchen Court South in Sartell.


Co-owner and director of Arise Cares Senior Day Program Margaret Kotula. Photo by's Alex Svejkovsky