UNDATED -- The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety's latest report on aging Americans reveals some interesting statistics.

The report found more than 70% of drivers over the age of 65 favor policies which require drivers older than 75 to renew their license in person and nearly 80% of the respondents support medical screenings for drivers older than 75.

AAA's Gail Weinholzer says there is a real misconception that older drivers are unsafe.  She says senior citizens are less likely to drive impaired, less likely to take chances on the road, less likely to talk on the phone while driving and more likely to wear their seatbelt.

Weinholzer says drivers sometimes feel older drivers are a hazard because they drive slower and are more cautious.

The report also showed 86% of people over 65 still drive and 68% of drivers 85 and older report driving five or more days a week. Weinholzer says that's a considerable jump from the 1970's. She says seniors are living longer and are more active with volunteering and meeting friends for coffee and meals.