ST. CLOUD -- Ever find yourself constantly nagging your child to do their chores or homework?

A new app called FamDoo takes technology kids use today and rewards them with money for completing tasks.

Mark Lacek is the founder and CEO of FamDoo. He says the application helps parents embrace technology that may come between families.

Every point a child receives earns them a penny which they can spend, save or donate.

The app is free and Lacek says parents can assign their own point system. Including assigning “zero points” to things that kids are expected to do.

Carol Bruess is a Family Communication professor at the University of St. Thomas and FamDoo user. She says the application is a learning tool to provide her daughter the skills she will need later in life.

To keep the app free of ads, the company charges extra for points.  So, 1,000 points costs $10, plus a $2 service fee. The amount is charged to your credit card, which will go directly to your children's account upon completion of tasks.

FamDoo was launched on January 28th.