ST. CLOUD - A beautiful day and a campus filled with hundreds of volunteers set the scene for move in day at St. Cloud State University.

Dorms all around campus were filled with new students and their families, getting things set up for a new school year away from home.

To make the process as smooth as possible for students and their families, over 350 upperclassmen volunteered their time as Husky Haulers.

The Haulers help move furniture, answered questions, and showed off their Husky Spirit to welcome new students.

Max Cerny, a "Pack Leader" was out in the Atwood Mall with several other students, shouting Husky chants, and encouraging vehicles to honk their horns as they pulled into campus.

"I plan to be out here as long as they want me out here." Cerny said.

While some students may be afraid and nervous to leave home, most students seemed really excited to move in to their new homes.

"I'd say they're pretty excited to get into the dorms", Husky Hauler Kayla Stevenson said, "but then they're a little frantic when they have to set everything up."

With Husky Haulers, Pack Leaders, Public Safety, and many more coming together, move in day offers an exciting and smooth process to get acquainted with campus.

After students get settled in, they'll have an orientation and tours of campus to take before classes begin on Monday.


Dan DeBaun , WJON News