Jerry Carlson, 98 Country's morning guy Wolf, and I set out on Wolf's 2nd ice fishing trip.
The sun was shining, the Eurolarvae were wiggling, and we were on our way to a perfect day of catching crappies.
Jerry is one of the best teachers ever.
His patience and step-by-step explanations of why you do what you do and when you need to do it are easily understood, even by a Florida boy who is still amazed that we drive our full size trucks onto the ice.
I knew Wolf was in good hands.
The problem was ME.
I'd neglected to rig up BEFORE we hit the ice.
Looking over the top of my glasses and trying to tie 3 pound-test line that I can't even see with hands that feel as thick as a brick wasn't very productive.
After six attempts and what seemed like a half an hour, I finally had the knot tied.
So what did I do?
I pulled too tight and broke the line.
Let's start all over, shall we?
The worst part is, I can hear Jerry coaching Wolf this whole time, and they're catching fish!
As you can see in the picture, it all turned out really well.
It is REALLY embarrassing to biff so badly in front of the teacher, though, not to mention the kid from Florida.