MORRISON COUNTY -- A growing number of phone scams are causing a concern in Morrison County.

The most recent scam has the caller posing as the Treasury Inspector General in an attempt to take money from the victims.

Sheriff Elect Shawn Larsen says the caller says they are an employee from the Treasury Inspector General's Office and tells the victim they will be arrested for failing to appear for court or jury trial unless they pay money to cancel the warrant.

The caller demands immediate payment through a pre-paid debit card.

Larsen says similar cases have been happening throughout the state.

The calls may show they come from law enforcement phone numbers or a phone number with a local area code.

Larsen says if there is an actual warrant for someone's arrest in Morrison County, law enforcement will show up at your door instead of calling you.

He reminds you to never give out personal information to anyone that demands it without first confirming the legitimacy of the call.