CASS LAKE - A large brawl in Beltrami County last (Thursday) night left one person dead and two others seriously hurt.

When deputies and tribal officers arrived at a home east of Bemidji they found a large group of extremely intoxicated people who were bleeding and in various stages of distress.

The Sheriff's office says 44-year-old Leslie Headbird, who lived at the home where the fight broke out, was beaten so severely he died of his injuries.

A man and woman were taken to the hospital with possible life-threatening injuries.

Nineteen year old Damion Gullickson of Cass Lake was arrested following a break-in and attempted car-jacking.  Twenty-nine year old Dora Keezer was also arrested.  Both are facing second degree murder and assault charges.

Thanks to KFGO in Fargo for this story.