COLD SPRING - Cold Spring is considering a roundabout at the Highway 2/Highway 50 intersection.

Cold Spring city engineer Brian Lintgen and Stearns County officials proposed the idea to the city council on Tuesday night.

County representatives say making a roundabout would be slightly more expensive, but would smooth out traffic and create a better crossing area for pedestrians. Lintgen says the current intersection can also be confusing, especially for those new or unfamiliar with the city.

County officials agreed that a roundabout would be the preferred option. Lintgen says it would be more efficient and safer than the current intersection.

It was also stressed that plans would focus on not losing area parking if they move forward with a roundabout.

Two roundabout plans were presented. The city council will discuss potentially taking action and giving the county direction on the project during their next meeting on February 24th.