ST. CLOUD -- Technology has produced some amazing new ideas within the agricultural industry and during last month's Farm Show a few were on display.

Dairy Master has come up with an activity collar known as the Moo Monitor to track the activity and health of a cow.

Depending on the size of the herd many farmers do not spend enough time with each individual cow on the farm.

"This system monitors every cow in the herd 24 hours a day," says Area Sales Manager Mike Germain.

He says the moo monitor provides hour by hour data on how your cows activity, health and when they are in heat all while the farmer is gone.

"You enter the cow number in and it automatically adds that collar to that specific cow, the farmer puts the collar on the cow and walks away," says Germain.

The monitor uses wireless technology that will monitor a cows activity and behavior right to your computer or smart phone.

"Health alerts will pop up to let you know when a cow is ill and you can check out the specific data of the cow right in the palm of your hand," says Germain.

Germain says this is also the first two-way app in the industry.

"When I say two-way app we can receive information and add information right from the barn," says Germain.

He says the Moo Monitor not only provides accurate up to date information but opens up more time in a farmers day.


Dairy Master shows off new Moo Monitor technology at the Farm Show last month. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)