Today on Monday Moneys I talked with Steve Laraway from Laraway Financial.  The topic was "Ten Things the Millionaire Next Door Won't Tell You".  Steve says patience is a virtue and that he spends less than he earns.  Listen below.

Ten Things The Millionaire Next Door Won’t Tell You

  1.  He always spends less than he earns
  2. He knows patience is a virtue
  3. He pays off his credit cards in full each month.
  4. He understands money is like a toddler – it can’t manage itself.
  5. He is a believer in paying himself first.
  6. He realizes it is possible to get rich doing something you don’t enjoy – but he wonders why you do it.
  7. He knows failing to plan is planning to fail.
  8. He realizes that stuff happens – so he insures against it.
  9. He understands time is the ally of the young.
  10. He realized early on that money doesn’t buy happiness.