Steve Laraway from Laraway Financial joined me today for our Money Monday segment.  He reviewed 2014 and talked about the Top 10 Business stories in 2014.  The top 10 included low oil prices, business being hacked, fast food workers striking and more.

Review of 2014

Dow                         7.52%

NASDAQ              13.4%

S & P 500              11.39%

Bond returns were much less
Top 10 Business Stories of 2014

10.          Income inequality leads to protests – Fast Food workers strike

9.              Inversion Digestion – Obama upset over this

8.            IPO’s are back Alibaba $271 Billion

7.            The Fed shuts down QE prepping for rate increases

6.            Apple Is Back – Higher price than ever, New Iphone 6; Apple Pay and CEO Tim Cook announcing he is gay

5.            The Job Market Grows – Gained back all the jobs lost in the recession (2.3 million new jobs)  and unemployment stood at 5.8%.

4.            We All got hacked – Target, Home Depot, Sony

3.            Total Recall – GM for ignition switches and Honda for faulty airbags.

2.            Raging Bull market – record closes

  1. Oil prices plunge – The good and bad of this.