ST. CLOUD -- How classes are taught and the information instructors cover in classes could be changing in the MnSCU school system.

MnSCU officials are considering developing a system similar to the K-12 common core curriculum.

The common core curriculum in K-12 schools uses a set of state guidelines to grade students and most classes within the core curriculum are very similar from school to school.

St. Cloud State University Facility Association President Tom Hergert says the chances of MnSCU switching to a system similar to common core are slim.

"The idea that there is some way to make a universal structure for all MnSCU curricula doesn't work," says Hergert. "We lose the character of each individual institution, we lose the regional value of each school and we lose the opportunity to use the expertise of the faculty to best advantage if we would try to make some sort of [universal] structure."

Transfer students could benefit from a common core system but Hergert says other initiatives are being created to help make it easier for students to transfer within the MnSCU system.

"From a specifically bureaucratic perspective it might make things [transfer student complications] somewhat simpler but the reality is when we're trying to give the student a strong education with a great broad base in educational activity there's no need for some common prescribed curriculum." --Hergert

Hergert says this type of curriculum model would limit instructors and ultimately goes against one of the main purposes of higher education which is to learn from different people and perspectives.

MnSCU officials are only contemplating the common core system idea for right now and haven't announced if or when they would switch to a new system.