ST. PAUL -- A new report by the Minnesota Department of Transportation is projecting an additional $3,800,000,000 funding shortfall for roads and bridges over a 20-year period.

The Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan projects an additional $16,300,000,000 needed to address congestion and an aging system between 2018 and 2037. That's up from the $12,500,000,000 shortfall projected in the last MnSHIP document.

John Pederson is the lead Republican on the Senate Transportation Committee. Pederson says the GOP unsuccessfully pitched a transportation funding plan last session which would have allocated sales tax revenue from vehicle sales and auto parts to road and bridge projects. He adds, tax increases are not appropriate when the state has a budget surplus approaching $1,500,000,000.

Pederson is anticipating another fight over a gas tax increase in the 2016 legislative session.