ST. CLOUD -- States like Iowa and Wisconsin are scrambling to order more road salt because of snowstorms hitting earlier and more often than normal.  But, here in Minnesota the situation appears to be more stable.

Minnesota Department of Transportation Communications Director Kevin Gutknecht says they feel comfortable with the amount of salt either in their supply sheds or loads already under contract.

Locally, Stearns County has used up their state-purchased allotment of salt and have another order coming and a higher cost.  But, County Engineer Jodi Teich says they aren't in panic mode and they build in contingencies like this as every season is different.

Additionally, the city of St. Cloud isn't facing a shortage either.  Director of Public Services, Pat Shea says they may have to buy more to give them a comfortable cushion, but are ok with their current supply.

Of course, all three spokespersons say things can change quickly if old man winter holds on and dumps more storms on the region.