MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — University of Minnesota students working on two political campaigns have negotiated a contract to unionize.

Student staffers with Omar Fateh's campaign have contracted with the Campaign Workers Guild. Fateh is running for the Minnesota House of Representatives.

The students used Rep. Erin Murphy's campaign for governor as a model during contract negotiations. Students hope unionizing will create a balance between their campaign roles and their university commitments.

The contract gives students benefits such as an education stipend and time off for exams and papers, said university student Austin Berger, the union steward for Fateh's campaign.

Students can often be overwhelmed by campaign work, said Isaiah Ogren, a university student and worker on Fateh's campaign.

It's unique for a campaign to have a bargaining unit solely of students, said Ihaab Syed, secretary of the Campaign Workers Guild.

Fateh said he's supportive of the students' decision to unionize and that his relationship with his workers has become stronger.