BROOKLYN CENTER - Minnesota's State High School League has passed a policy for transgender student athletes.

The policy says transgender students have an option to play on teams that fit best with their gender identity.

Emmett Keenan is the Activities Director at St. Cloud Cathedral High School, and also a board member for the State High School League. He says the scene at the meeting this morning was filled with protesters from both sides of the issue.

The policy aims to give schools the opportunity to have guidelines for transgender students if a need arises.

Keenan was the lone no vote against the policy, saying that exceptions for religious schools in the state needed to be more fully explained.

The policy has stirred up controversy across the state. Supporters say the changes give transgender athletes the ability to feel more comfortable, while opponents have cited concerns with transgender students in lockers rooms and giving athletes a competitive edge in girls sports.

-This article was written with information from the Associated Press-