ST. CLOUD - For the last eight years the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Justice and Minnesota State Arts Board have teamed up to help crime victims heal through artwork.

Artists and writers express their experience of murder, kidnapping, rape, assault, arson, molestation and domestic abuse through art therapy.

St. Cloud State University visual arts coordinator, Kimberly Haney says, "Most of these artists are from Minnesota and are victims of crime."

Art of Recovery exhibitions are on display at the Atwood Gallery, and feature artwork of more than 20 Minnesota crime victims.

SCSU Women's Center assistant director and violence prevention coordinator, Lee LaDue says, "I think people heal in all different kinds of ways. Certainly art is one way that for some people is very healing…I think it's that sharing of their art and that sense that maybe they're helping someone else that's part of the healing. "

Art of Recovery not only allows victims to heal but also educates the public on the struggles that result from being victimized by crimes.

"I'd invite and encourage people to come take a look at it. I think it's honoring of the people that have been victims of crime to come and see, to give people an understanding of what it's like to experience that. It's a very powerful exhibit and beautiful artwork" says LeDue.

Art of Recovery is on display through October 26 at the Atwood Gallery in the Atwood Memorial Center. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. through 7 p.m.