MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - The latest in the investigation into the fatal shooting of a black man by Minneapolis police that has sparked days of demonstrations.

The head of the Minneapolis police union says an unarmed, black assault suspect who was fatally shot by police was disarming the officer and was not handcuffed.

Lt. Bob Kroll is president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis. He told The Associated Press in an email that, "Cuffs were never on."

Some community members say 24-year-old Jamar Clark was handcuffed when he was shot. Police initially said he wasn't handcuffed.

The state agency that's investigating the shooting, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, said it's one of the things it's looking at.

Kroll also says Clark had "a violent history" and that the two officers involved in the shooting have no discipline on their records.