Clipper Field, Photo courtesy of Bruce Geislinger

WATKINS - Amateur baseball fans headed to Watkins this weekend will notice some familiar seats. The newly renovated baseball park includes 287 seats from the old Metrodome.

Spokesman Bruce Geislinger says they've spent $300,000 on upgrades in preparation for the Class B and Class C Amateur Baseball State Tournaments.

It's going to bring several thousand people into the town of Watkins. And, also it's going to showcase our ballpark. The reason why we did it is because we wanted Watkins ballpark to get to the next level like Cold Spring has for many many years.

Other new additions include: new dugouts, a new fence, two party decks, and a concession stand. This is the first time ever that Watkins has hosted the tournament.

And, an added bonus, the hometown Watkins Clippers have qualified for the state tournament. Geislinger is hoping they'll bring in some huge crowds.

The team is actually pretty good. We've got two outstanding pitchers. Right now we're 20-4. It should be fun!

Geislinger says they've set-up a special camping area for teams that want to spend the weekend in Watkins. State Champions will be crowned in both classes on Labor Day Monday.

The Class C tournament starts this Friday with one game each in Cold Spring and Watkins. The Class B tournament starts next Thursday, August 27th.

Clipper Field, Photo courtesy of Bruce Geislinger