ST. CLOUD -- MetroBus is exploring the possibility of buying the old Ziebart-Rhinolining building in St. Cloud.

Tom Cruikshank of MetroBus says the owner of the building, located at 635 Franklin Avenue NE, has reached out to them about a possible sale. The MetroBus operation center is located next door.

"We do need space for employee parking," Cruikshank says. "We're going to be adding drivers and we're out of space today, so that parcel would allow for more parking space."

Cruikshank says the steel building with its tall overhead doors would make it a useful space for maintenance.

"We'll have to decide based on what the building looks like -- we haven't had much time to really explore -- but first things first, we'll see if we can work something out with the owner and go from there."

Cruikshank says they will be setting up a meeting with the owner in the next couple of weeks for further discussion before reporting back to city officials.