LONDON, ENGLAND - Melrose native Amanda Smock walked in the parade of nations during the opening ceremony for the Games of the XXX Olympiad on Friday night.  We found a picture she posted on Twitter of her and fellow Olympian Tyrone Smith.

Queen Elizabeth has officially opened the London Olympics. She toured the Olympic Park this morning after stunning audiences in last night's Opening Ceremony with her apparent acting debut as a parachuting Bond Girl.

The queen appeared in a short film where she and James Bond star Daniel Craig appeared to jump from a helicopter into the Olympic stadium.

Real skydivers made the leap from a helicopter circling the stadium, then the queen emerged with her husband, entering the royal box for the rest of the show.

St. Cloud's Alise Post, Hutchinson's Lindsay Whalen, and St. Michael's Chas Betts are also competing in this year's Olympics.