MELROSE -- The Melrose Area Museum brings history to life by commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War.

Mostly known as an ice cream social event, the museum decide to change things up.

Jean Paschke is the Secretary of the Melrose Area Museum. She says the museum try's to do an event every two years.

"We've decided every two years we do something, maybe ice cream social was a little bit dead," says Paschke. "So we thought we commemorate the Civil War."

The museum gave tours throughout the day, live bands entertained the crowd, and Civil War expert Craig Johnson, shared his views on the historical event.

"There were over 600,000 American's that died in the Civil War," says Johnson. "We have not come close to that tragedy that the Civil War was."

Johnson, a former history teacher, showed the crowd how life of a soldier was. From loading a rifle, to what happened when a solider was injured.

"Many American's will find out, they have relatives that experienced the Civil War," says Johnson.

The entire museums collection is all donated and an event like this would not be possible without others generosity.

"Every picture, every table, every piece of china that you see some generous person has given us," says Paschke.


Civil War expert Craig Johnson demonstrates how riffles were used. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)