ST. CLOUD --  It may have not been sizzling today (Friday), but not even the rain could keep the artists away from the annual ‘Super Sizzlin Summer’ Art Crawl.

Each year the Art Crawl showcases work of artists from St. Cloud and surrounding areas, so I decided to walk around and meet some of the artists.

Ken Ramler and Dave Cofell are two different artists with two different talents. Ramler started carving wood 40 years ago when he took a whittling class and Cofell started playing guitar as a kid.

Forty years later and the passion for their talent may come and go, but it never stops growing.

"I just love wood!. My basic contention is to take a piece of wood and show you the beauty of it" says Ramler.

The guitar is a great vehicle for channeling emotion and working out problems. When I don't play, I don't feel well. Music is so much a part of me now" says Cofell.

They may be two different artist's with two talents, but one vision they share is making their customers happy.

"It makes me feel great especially when they dance," says Cofell.

"Seeing the emotion on their faces makes me realize it's more than just a piece of carved wood," says Ramler.

No matter what life may bring, both men say they will always go back to their love.

Ramler sells his hand carved wood  at Spice of Life Tea Shop in Downtown St. Cloud. Cofell also has three CDs and will be back next year.

For more information about St. Cloud  Art Crawl, visit their website.