Since moving into our new home, Bob & I have 6 hens. They've been nameless until this week. I thought I should at least give them names. It seems like when they received their names, they started producing more eggs.

Dorann Weber, Moment Mobile


My three red hens, June, Bonnie & Anita, seem to be the "chickens" of the group. They want to lay eggs all the time, and they make their own nests in various parts of the coop. One day, I found about 20 eggs hidden behind a strawbale.


The Judds, my grey chickens, Naomi and Wynonna, sort of rule the nest. They are always sitting on the eggs. Sometimes, they won't even come out to run around. No one is going to sit on those eggs, if they can help it. The grey's look like they are always dressed up and ready for the stage. Thus, Naomi and Wynonna rarely come out of their dressing room, unless there's a very good reason to do it.


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Madonna, my black and white hen, seems to do her own thing. When ever I lean down to pet her, she always freezes and then strikes a pose. Go figure.


Kelly Cordes

So now that my chickens have names, I'm getting 3 to 4 eggs a day. I decided to share with my co workers today. Cute, delicious little tan, brown and speckled eggs.