ST. CLOUD -- What is history but stories that are told to educated us about the past. St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis is a history enthusiast and shared his knowledge about the city of St. Cloud with the Historic Town Hall Trolley Tour.

"People would always ask about historical aspects of St. Cloud" says Mayor Dave Kleis. " And I had someone say at my town hall meetings say you should give a history tour."

With the help of Metro Bus for the use of the Historic Trolley, Mayor Kleis tells the history of St. Cloud in an hour and a half tour that happens multiple times over the year.

The tour goes through many historic sites of St. Cloud and while Mayor Kleis is the one hosting the tour, he says it's they people that take the tour who teach him more.

"I always learn things" says Mayor Kleis, "on the tour people come up with other things that they knew."

The Historic Trolley Tours are free to the public however space is limited. If you are interested in taking the tour contact the Mayor's Office for more information on dates of future tours as well as reserving your seat on the Trolley.


St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis gives Trolley Tour (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)