Louise Ann Hale of St. Cloud, Minnesota, died peacefully in her family home on Tuesday, October 14, 2014. She was 73, She’s survived by two kindred sisters and a promising crop of nieces and nephews.

Louise’s keen sense of social justice could be seen in her daily choices. She had great respect for the language. She was drawn to ancient foods and cherished customs. Her broad interests and her talent for recall lent quality to every conversation she shared.

Although she’d traveled and studied extensively, her greatest point of pride was the snapshot in time she’d managed to preserve in her steadily changing Southside neighborhood. She approached this role with a sense of civic duty. Her home was a shrine, a reminder of past lives, always calm within.

Her life was rich with peculiar pleasures. The public library and the classical service brightened her days. She’d never laugh to be polite. She’d burst out in pure glee. She was rarely complacent. She improved the people around her. Her vibrant life has left a lasting impression.

Funeral services will be private. Funeral arrangements were made by Benson Funeral Home, St. Cloud, MN.