COLD SPRING -- A local boutique is teaming up with the organization  Breaking Free to help victims of sex trafficking.

Michelle TeBrake owns Trendsetters Boutique in Cold Spring. She had been globally active in Muldova helping very young girls who were forced into the trafficking market.

Her friend Heather Cailler is the director of marketing and development at Breaking Free. It's an organization founded in 1996 that helps Minnesota sex trafficked victims get back on their feet. Cailler started telling TeBrake about the large number of sex trafficked victims in Minnesota.

TeBrake says she was overwhelmed when she heard Minnesota's sex trafficking statistics.

TeBrake decided to volunteer her time and donate a portion of her store's sales to Breaking Free.

Cailler says Breaking Free decided to open a boutique of their own with proceeds going toward basic living essentials for sex trafficked victims.

You can find out more information about Breaking Free and the Breaking Free Boutique by visiting their website.

See a video with Breaking Free below.

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