ANNANDALE -- Over forty local artists from the Annandale area had a chance to showcase their skills for all to see at the Area Artisan Expo held at Minnesota Pioneer Park.

"One of my ideas was to showcase all of the artists in the area and just the phenomenal work they do, along with showing what Pioneer Park has to offer the community," says Area Artisan Expo Chair Carol Weir.

The expo started last year as a trial run and was questionable to come back again but backed by popular demand Weir decided to hold the expo again this year.

"It happened that a lot of artists wanted to return," says Weir. "We have a lot of new artists this year too."

Painters, sculptors, potters, spinners, quilters, jewelers and musicians set up camps throughout the park. Some demonstrating their skills, others showcasing the many items the had created.

"Before I know it the day is gone and that's really a good feeling, then I know it's been a good painting day," say Pat Nelson a water color and oil painter. "It's not so much the end result perhaps but the process that's what I like."

Weir has contemplated making the expo an annual, as well having it at a different time of the year. But no matter what time of year the expo occurs there will be many things that will catch your eye.

"Many, many, many fun things to do here," says Weir. "I have been very happy with the turnout."


Artist works on making a rug at Area Artisan Expo. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)