Just what does ALS stand for?  ALS is short for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, and is a motor neuron disease first discovered in 1869. The disease usually attacks both upper and lower motor neurons and causes degeneration throughout the brain and spinal cord. A common first symptom is a painless weakness in your hand, foot, arm or leg. Other early symptoms include speech swallowing or walking difficulty. ALS can strike anyone at anytime. Can you imagine if you were suddenly diagnosed?  How would your life change? The Walk To Defeat ALS is an opportunity for all of us to bring hope and support to our family, friends and community residents living with ALS.

Saturday, September 13th, the Saint Cloud Walk will begin with check in at 8:30 am. The walk will begin at 10 am. The 2 mile Walk To Defeat ALS will be held at Eastman Park/Lake George.

Please put this important event on your calendar, and don't forget that you can also register online or make donations by clicking HERE.