The Disability Task Force is a group of local agencies that have come together to educate and bring awareness to the community to help break down the physical and emotional barriers that people have towards those with disabilities.


1. Create a 2 minute video ( 25 MB or less) with the theme #BetheONE. Your message can contain one or all of the following:

  • Treating people with disabilities or those who are different with respect
  • Finding ways to be inclusive of those who have a disability or are different from you
  • The importance of wearing helmets when playing sports or biking to prevent injury
  • End bullying for those with disabilities
  • Use language that empowers people with disabilities such as “My friend who uses a wheelchair,” or " Donny has a brain injury.” Avoid words that can be deemed hurtful. Words like crippled, idiot, retarded are never appropriate.
2. Invite others to #BEtheONE to be open to making changes within themselves, their families, schools and community.

3. Make sure your video content is appropriate for all ages and contains no profanity.

4. If you are under the age 18, you must have your parent or guardian sign a video release prior to submitting it. Email datfmn@gmail.com to request a form. ALL people in the video must submit this signed form to be considered.

5. Submit your video via email NO LATER than 12:00 p.m. on September 21, 2015. Send it to datfmn@gmail.com. Include your name or your group’s name & information and a contact number. The Subject line should say #BetheONE video submission.

6. If your video is accepted, it will be posted on youtube and you will be given the link. Then it is your job to PROMOTE it! The more views your video gets the greater chance you have of winning!

7. Winners will be announced by October 10th and you will be invited to come and accept your prize at The Celebration of Abilities on October 20th. Your video will also be shown at this event!


The winners will be selected based on the most number of views your video
receives on youtube and by vote of the Task Force for creativity, positive impact and clear message.

  • First Place: $500.00
  • Second Place: $250.00
  • Third Place: $100.00
  • Fourth Place: $50.00

If you have questions, or need a video release form, just email datfmn@gmail.com.

For more information click HERE.