LITTLE FALLS -- The Enchanted Dairy in Little Falls has an unique set up when it comes to milking cows.

When Ron Miller and his family felt it was time for a new dairy parlor, they wanted it to be more open and more functional.

"We wanted a well lit parlor and also we liked the idea of milking along side the cow verse between the legs," says Miller.

Which is why they felt a rotary parlor was the best option.

"When we were looking back in early 1990 we saw this carousal type parlor and we said that's what we want," says Miller.

Back in 2000, construction began on a new 40 stall parlor that brought in not only more light but easier maintenance.

"We raised the outside of the parlor about 18 inches above the cow platform and that allows us to wash the deck of the carousal and have the stuff end up in the gutter and not the outside walls," says Miller.

He says another bonus was the ability to run the parlor with a staff of three.

"We have the first guy who is stripping the cow and looking for abnormal milk, the second guy then wipes her and attaches the unit, and the third guy makes sure the unit comes off automatically and the cows walk out," says Miller.

Milking each cow takes about eight minutes and Miller says they still get the same production if not greater since going the the rotary parlor.

"We are turning about six times and we are milking about 250 cows an hour," says Miller.

Miller says a rotary parlor wasn't the cheapest investment but adds if they were going to build a parlor they wanted to do it right.


Cows enjoy a relaxing ride on the Enchanted Dairy's rotary parlor. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)