ST. CLOUD - Everyone should take the time to fill-out a Health Care Directive. That's the opinion of Lynn MacKenzie the Executive Director of the St. Cloud-based non-profit "Light The Legacy".

I say the younger you are the more important it is to have a Health Care Directive.  In that event - for example - that you are in a car crash and you had brain damage, and your doctor says you might not ever return to the way you were, you could be in a vegetative state for years...

MacKenzie says an important part of a Health Care Directive is naming a Health Care Agent who will be in charge of making decisions for you when you can not make those decisions for yourself.

She says you don't need an attorney to do it, they have both a short form and a long form on their website, which only require two witnesses or a notary to make the document legal.

Make sure the Health Care Directive is in a place that your agent can find it if it is ever needed.

She also suggests you review the document periodically.