Ashli Gerdes

SAUK RAPIDS - All chairs were full at the Sauk Rapids community hearing regarding the new residence of a level three sex offender tonight night (Monday).

 The Sauk Rapids Police Department held a community hearing to answer questions and inform the public about sex offender, Dagan Lasart.

Lasart currently resides in the 200 block of 13th Street North. He served a sentence for first degree burgary in 2003, when he tried to sexually assault a woman.

Sauk Rapids Police Department chief, Perry Beise says the public should stay aware of their surroundings, but nothing should be different today than yesterday.

Sauk Rapids resident, Kathy Lund says it was reassuring to hear why Lasart's offender status was raised from a two to a three.

The Sauk Rapids Police Department reminds residents convicted sexual offenders have always lived in the community. A level three sex offender status is given to those who are most likely to re-offend.