MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - The last Minnesotan has bowed out of the 70th Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.

Thirteen-year-old Mark Kivimaki, a seventh-grader at Valley View Middle School, made it to the semifinals.

Reports say Kivimaki correctly spelled his Round 5 word, "ebullition (ehb-uh-LISH'-en)," defined as a state of bubbling up or boiling.

But he then stumbled when he misspelled "Ananke (uh-NAN'-kee)," which means "personification of ultimate fate that gods must yield to."

Minnesotans eliminated earlier were Shane DeSilva, an eighth-grader at Pacelli Catholic School in Austin; Lauren Crabtree, an eighth-grader at Forestview Middle School in Brainerd; Alyssa Boynton, a seventh-grader at Murray County Central School in Slayton; and Kellen Rufus Rodriguez, an eighth-grader at Fairmont High School.

A champion will be crowned Thursday night on ESPN.