LITTLE FALLS -- A Little Falls boat manufacturer which has been in business for more than 100 years has announced they are closing the plant and moving operations.

Larson Boat Group announced Wednesday they will shut down operations in Little Falls in the first quarter of 2017 and move its manufacturing facilities to Pulaski, Wisconsin.

LBG President and CEO Rob Parmentier stated in a news release "This decision is due to external, global economic influences including adverse economic dynamics and shifting changes within the marine market that require us to consolidate our company's operations and footprint with our sister organization in Pulaski, WI to continue to be competitive in our ever changing industry."

Parmentier says they are actively discussing "win-win" solutions for their employees and that every employee will be offered a job in Pulaski. He says they are also discussing the sale of the property with a large multi-national manufacturer that may offer employees jobs.

Information on how many workers are employed at LBG in Little Falls was unavailable.