BOSTON - Larry Hosch a former State Representative from St. Joseph ran in the Boston Marathon today (Monday).  He says he finished the race, and had just left the finish line area before the explosions.

Hosch says he and his family were just getting into a cab when the explosions occurred.  He says they heard about it when they got to their apartment a couple miles away.  He described the finish line area as "very dense with people".

Hosch says cell phone service has been spotty this afternoon, making it difficult to communicate with friends and family back here in central Minnesota.  He says the internet is still working, so he's been updating his Facebook and Twitter feeds with how he and his family are doing.

Hosch says, even though he's a couple miles away from where the explosions happened, he's heard several sirens and the mood is very sober.

There are reportedly 539 Minnesotans that were registered to run in today's Boston Marathon.