SAUK RAPIDS - Every student at the Sauk Rapids-Rice High School now has a laptop to use for their classwork.

Sauk Rapids-Rice Superintendent Daniel Bittman says the laptops aim to create equal access and reduce costs for all students, since some families can't afford a computer.

Recently, Cathedral High School in St. Cloud was able to have a "virtual snow day" where students did classwork and lessons from home. Bittman says having these laptops now allow Sauk Rapids-Rice students to do classwork if they miss school with an illness or on a snow day.

The devices will also allow students to do group work and communicate with their teachers at any time.

The district is planning to give devices (not necessarily a laptop) to its 5th-8th grade students next year. Sauk Rapids-Rice also recently received a technology leadership team award (TIES) for their innovation and positive impact on learning through technology.

The district will officially accept the award on December 8th. The district is now also nominated for the National Award of the Consortium on School Networking.