LAKE MILLE LACS - High winds from a strong low pressure system and the almost ice covered lake caused what can only be called a Mini Glacier event on the south side of Mille Lacs Lake in the town of Onamia, MN

With winds gusting over 35 miles per hour this morning, part of the massive ice sheet covering the lake started to move and when it moved, it moved south and came on shore like a glacier into the Izatys Resort area.

Footage shot on the south side of Mille Lacs Lake and is French for "One Thousand Lakes" because of it size. The area is located about 100 miles north of Minneapolis, MN. Mille Lacs is the second largest lake in the state of Minnesota. It has an area of 132,516 acres or 207.06mi² which was still over 90 percent covered in about 12 to 15 inches of ice this morning.

By the time it was over, the depth of the mini glacier was one to three feet at the edge near the town houses to over 25 feet at the lake shore. Maintenance personal for Izatys Resort said that clean up could take all summer due to the ice moving massive lake side and under water boulders onto the shore.