ST. CLOUD - As an NBA player, Kris Humphries has a certain level of fame already.  But, when you start dating a top realty TV star, your level of fame goes through the roof.

Humphries has quietly held a basketball camp at the Boys and Girls Clubs in St. Cloud for five years now.  It wasn't until this year that everyone wanted a piece of his time.  Humphries says it's taken some getting use to.

Humphries' mom, Debra, says the sudden fame has been challenging for the whole family.

Today's (Friday) basketball camp required police barricades and heighten security.

Meanwhile, Humphries' fiance Kim Kardashian was at the event.  She watched, signed a few autographs,  and posed for pictures, but didn't speak to the crowd or the media.

Humphries has close ties to the community, his grandparents still live here and his mom, Debra, graduated from Tech high school.

Humphries' grandparents, Don and Donna Lemke, are the founders of the Central Minnesota Boys and Girls Clubs.

Humphries says his fiance enjoys coming with him to the area.

The pair were followed by a film crew for the "E" entertainment network.

As for the business of basketball and the current lockout of the players in the NBA, Humphries says he doesn't really want to talk about it, but hopes they can get back to playing soon.