ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis held his annual State of the City address Tuesday at City Hall.

During the speech, Kleis talked about development projects that are in the works like the future Costco site, and the redevelopment project at the corner of Cooper Avenue and Division Street.

He also touched on future development plans like the idea of replacing the Empire Apartment Building with a hotel complex.

We could solve that by adding additional housing and at the same time remove the building and get people into better housing.  And, have an opportunity for development on the river in downtown St. Cloud for a hotel/restaurant project.

This is a catalyst site that was highlighted in last year's speech as well.  Kleis also hinted at a plan that is coming together to revitalize part of East St. Cloud.

Also, on the East side, we have an issue with some development, we'll be making an announcement very soon for some development on the East Side through a partnership with Xcel and landowners in that area.

Kleis talked about neighborhood rehabilitation during this speech. He says he plans to personally visit every neighborhood in St. Cloud, which will culminate with a neighborhood summit at 5:00 p.m. on May 3rd at city hall.

Kleis talked about his vision for the future of the city. One idea that is more immediate is a class called "St. Cloud 201" where residents can learn more about the constitution.

We're going to explain to folks who does what and how you can hold the who accountable.  How you can get information from the who.

Kleis did not give specifics on when these informational sessions would begin. He also dreamed big during this speech, throwing out the idea of building a dome.

Wouldn't it be great to have indoor soccer, indoor lacrosse, and indoor pickleball? Let's say Summertime By George gets threatening weather, you could just go over to the dome and not have to cancel it.

Kleis didn't mention where he'd like to see the dome built, but he said the idea is at least worth exploring.

Kleis was first elected St. Cloud Mayor in 2005 and he has been giving his State of the City address every year since then.