ST. CLOUD -- New and old residents in the St. Cloud State University neighborhood will be seeing some special visitors this weekend.

St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis, SCSU President Earl Potter and St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson are strolling through the neighborhood welcoming students to the area.

Kleis says it's a great way for new students and current residents to get out and meet their neighbors.

"We're out welcoming students, and you know we have done this ever since I have been mayor, going out and welcoming students and we continue to do this on a regular basis," says Kleis.

Students began moving back to town yesterday (Thursday) with the official start of the first four day move-in weekend.

Kleis says the walks are meant to be proactive and provide helpful safety tips for students.

"This is a proactive way of trying to deal with public safety, you know giving safety tips like don't walk around in the middle of the night by yourself, things you would think are common sense but it's important to talk about," says Kleis.

Kleis, Potter and Anderson will continue their walks again tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday).