KIMBALL - We've heard a lot about the upcoming St. Cloud school district bond referendum, but it's not the only district in the area asking voters to go to the polls on Tuesday.

Kimball residents have three questions on the ballot. The first revokes the current operating levy, and replaces it with a new one.

Superintendent Jim Wagner says the second question is a $5.4 million referendum for upgrades to the science lab and wood shop, as well as a new concession stand, and fitness area.

We're building it to be designed to be a community center. And so creating an atmosphere, and a facility, that allows for community use, whether they want to have fitness memberships, or for different groups to use.

Wagner says the third question is a $6.6 million referendum to build a new 499 seat auditorium.

He says, if all three questions pass, property taxes on an average home in the district would go up by about $10 a month. Question 1 has to pass for either question 2 and/or question 3 to be able to pass.

Wagner says voting will be at the Kimball School from 2:00 p.m. until 8:00 pm. on Tuesday.

The Becker school district also has three referendum questions on their ballot. And Eden Valley-Watkins residents are being asked to renew an existing levy that's scheduled to expire next year.