FOLEY -- The Benton County Sheriff's Office invited kids from around the area to a youth snowmobiling safety course today.

Kids age 12-16 were allowed to get their state snowmobiling safety certificate after a classroom session and driver evaluation on a safety course.

Sergeant Jay Dingmann of the Benton County Sheriff's Office says they intend to hold a similar youth training session next year.

"We're hoping it becomes a yearly event," Dingmann says. "Hopefully [we'll hold it] a little earlier next year."

Dingmann says the session gives authorities a chance to reach the kids and interact with them before they get their licenses.

"We'd rather deal with the kids in a positive aspect on the front end, rather than look like the bad guy when they do something wrong," Dingmann says.

The Benton County Sheriff's Office also intends on holding a similar youth training course this summer for ATVs.