FOLEY -- Kids will have the chance to learn more about where their food comes from on Wednesday, with a trip to a Foley farm.

With October being Farm to School month, kids in the St. Cloud Reach Up Head Start program are heading out to Stoneybrook Farm in Foley to learn what it takes to manage a farm.

Institute for the Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) spokesperson, Josh Wise says fall is the perfect time educate kids on the inner workings of a farm.

"When they are out on the farm I'm sure they will be taken out into the field and be able to see a little bit of the harvesting process, since we are right in the middle of that season. They'll get to see generally what a farm looks like, how it is run and the process of seeds being planted in the ground to ending up on their plates."

The trip will include many activities for kids, Wise says IATP has been working on a program geared toward educating kids on food nutrition.

"IATP has been building a curriculum for the farm to institution program, which basically educates kids on the nutrition content of what they are eating. It get's them connected with the farmers and allows them to meet the people who are growing their food."

In 2014, over 260 school districts in the state participated in Farm to School activities.