ST. CLOUD -- One of three suspects charged in a Sauk Centre kidnapping and assault has agreed to a plea agreement.

50-year-old Nils Njus of Alexandria pleaded guilty to one count of second degree assault for his role in the case. Two other defendants, 22-year-old Harley Weilage and 39-year-old Jennifer Whitters have yet to have their cases resolved.

Reports say the victim was in the back seat of a car when a Sauk Centre police officer stopped the vehicle back in September because it had a taillight out. He told police he'd been beaten with a baseball bat and kidnapped because the suspects thought he was a police informant.

The victim also told police the suspects were taking him to Claremont to kill him.

The victim said he'd gone to Weilage's apartment to buy marijuana and was forced to strip while Weilage and Njus looked for a recording device and beat him.

The complaint says Whitters admitted using methamphetamine and told a story consistent with the victim's report.

State sentencing guidelines calls for a prison term of just under 3 years in prison. A sentencing date wasn't immediately available Friday.