As we've talked about it before on the show, many of you know that I've been a professional singer/songwriter for many years. Through lots of ups and downs, I took a hiatus due to some vocal chord issues around the time of my CD release in 1998. I didn't really know if I would ever be able to return to the music scene.

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Today, you can find my blood, sweat and tears on itunes,spotify,cdbaby, and more. here's a link to my album and songs on SPOTIFY. You can also find all of the songs individually on itunes. Either way, I'd like to know what original songs are your favorites. You can listen the the song below, was a number one for three weeks on

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Friday, September 18th, I will be doing an acoustic show with the talented Todd Wohl, of Flat Top Junction. We will be playing a wide variety of music on keys & acoustic. I hope you'll join us for a great time.

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Friday, September 18th

Water's Edge on Pleasant Lake
25958 Lake Road
St Cloud MN


Cd's will be available for purchase for $10.

Since creating the album, I've had two more children, who are now in their teens, and I've done just a few shows here and there. I briefly performed with some friends of mine in the year 2012 in Kentucky right before I moved back to Minnesota. The Seven Turn Band, featuring Tim Chapman (Drums), Mark Chapman (Lead guitar), Duane Davis (lead vocal and one hell of a tamborine player), and the late Larry Lambert (Bass).

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