Many of you have never heard me sing, or could even possibly imagine the wild ride that my musical career has taken me on. But I wanted to share a song with you- one of my fondest memories of good friends, fellow musicians, just sitting down together and writing a simple song that now makes me miss those people I spent so much time with.

It's hard for me to remember everyone that was in the room writing this song;They were all unbelievably talented singers and players themselves. Tim Howard, Darrell Ford, Duwayne Davis, and myself, were in the studio, and decided to just write! Tim played guitar, David Carter played the haunting steel guitar, and this was a one take vocal from me.

The song brings me back to those times, and I thought I would share this with you. If memory serves me right, we all just sat around in our kitchen and then moved downstairs to the studio, and finished it up that day, recorded it, and this is what we had.  I still love it.

I hope you enjoy it!